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smatch makes selling and buying merchandise more efficient and sustainable than ever.

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Benefits for Buyers

smatch helps you to better buy merchandise from top brands at great prices. Tell us the kind of products you are looking for and smatch connects you to relevant offers.

Benefits for Sellers

smatch helps you to better sell merchandise at great prices. Simply upload your inventory and add restrictions. smatch matches you with the right partner.

How does smatch work?

1. Preferences

Share information about your products. You decide what happens – when, where, and with whom.

2. Auction

smatch connects you with the best-fitting partners globally and supports you to get the best out of your trade.

3. Closing

smatch helps you to arrange logistics, payment and more. No risk involved and full control at any time.


Sellers and buyers like working with smatch because we consequently work on each stakeholder’s requirements – we are a friend of the brand’s industry. 

smatch has access to the end-to-end chain of invoices, leading back to the brand or manufacturer of the merchandise. In addition, most sellers welcome you to take a look at the stock either in persona or via pictures.

Sure! Whether it’s a particular brand or specific products you are looking for – just let us know about your specific demand. We will check back with our partners to find just the right stock that matches your requirements. 

Let us know about about your business and your stock requirements. Use the form below or schedule a quick call to provide some information. Based on your search task we will connect you to the right seller offerings.

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